SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and Canvas are both graphics technologies in HTML5, but they have different approaches and use cases. Here's the difference between SVG and Canvas:
SVG Canvas
Graphics Type Vector-based Bitmap-based
Scalability Scalable without losing quality Not scalable without loss of quality
Rendering Approach Retained Mode Immediate Mode
Interactivity Easily modified and interactive Less interactive once drawn
Accessibility Built-in accessibility features No built-in accessibility features
Performance Less performant for complex scenes High-performance for real-time rendering
Use Cases Icons, logos, charts, interactive visuals Games, animations, image editing
Language XML-based markup language JavaScript-based API
In summary, SVG is suitable for scalable graphics, interactive visualizations, and accessibility, while Canvas excels in high-performance rendering, pixel-level control, and applications requiring real-time graphics, such as games and animations. The choice between SVG and Canvas depends on the specific requirements and characteristics of the project.